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Affordable Homeowners Insurance

Apr 23, 2019
Everyone wants cheap homeowners insurance but many don't spend the effort to shop around for their homeowners insurance. Shopping around for affordable home insurance is quite easy with the Internet. The process only takes a few minutes and you can quickly receive quotes from a few home insurance agents by just filling out one form. Additionally, many insurance companies offer discounts to consumers who insure their home and their car with them.

Save Up to 75% On Your Insurance!

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  • Free Insurance Quotes in All 50 States
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Most Expensive Homeowners Insurance By States

Apr 22, 2019
According to figures released by the Insurance Information Institute, Texas is once again the most expensive state to insure your home. An average home will cost $1,460 to insure in Texas.

State Avg Cost Rank
Texas $1,460 1
Florida $1,390 2
Louisiana $1,155 3
Oklahoma $1,048 4
Massachusetts $1,026 5
California $911 11