How do I take a home inventory and why?

How much should you be compensated if your home was destroyed by a fire? How can you prove that you had that expensive LCD TV? By having an updated home inventory, the pain of trying to recover your items through an insurance claim will be much easier.

Make a list of your belongings. There’s no need to include everything down to how many pencils and pens you have, unless they are worth something. Note down expensive items such as computers, electronics, shoes, bags. Write down serial numbers where applicable. Include copies of your sales receipts or appraisals.

  • Videotape: Walk through your home with a videotape showing your more expensive items as well as just a general overview of your place.
  • Pictures: Take pictures of your items.
  • Big ticket items: For any big ticket items, especially jewelry, check with your home insurance agent to insure you have the right amount of coverage on the item. In some cases, you may need a special policy.

IMPORTANT – Store The List Offsite

Store your list, pictures and videotape in a different location. Do not store it in the same place as your home. If there is a fire, it will likely get destroyed as well and all that effort of recording your belongings would be a waste.

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