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Homeowners Insurance FAQ

Should I take home inventory and how?

Suppose you are an insurance agent and a consumer tries to file a claim stating that they lost hundreds of items in a fire. How are you going to believe that every item listed was actually lost? For this very reason, it is important for consumers to take a home inventory that lists all the higher priced items that they own with descriptions, serial numbers, dates of purchase, receipts, photos and other evidence of ownership. An effective general method of inventorying your things is to walk through your place with a video camcorder and point out specific items that are of value.

How does my credit rating affect my insurance premiums?

Since credit scores help profile a consumer's risk to a business based on their credit history, insurance companies use a person's credit score to calculate an insurance score that helps determine the insurance rate. Studies have shown how a person manages their personal finances, that it is a good predictor of insurance claims.

How do I pick an insurance company?

There are hundreds of homeowners insurance companies out there and one can spend hours trying to determine which one to contact. Here are important key factors to consider: licensing, price, financial solidity, comfort level, and customer service.

How do I get discounts?

Having a home security system can reduce the cost of your insurance. Sites such California home security companies can help locate a company in your area.